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Ah acne !! Who didn’t have it a day, apart from the big lucky ones who have passed through… Some are still fighting against this scourge, and when we reach adulthood, it sucks!

I had acne for a long time … too long … 19 years in fact !! 19 years of frustration, poor self-esteem because of pesky buttons rotting my life. In reality, it is just 6 months I finally managed to eradicate it. Fortunately, I suffered from moderate acne, it could have been worse. But that was just the horror of seeing and seeing again its horrible buttons back on my cheeks and jaw endlessly. So do you want to discover now how i cure acne naturally?

What i thought the cause of my ACNE ?

I suffer from a hormonal imbalance due to large polycystic ovary syndrome (basically, my ovaries contain lots of small follicles that are called microcysts, and it keeps my ovaries to produce regular ovulations, so I have cycles extension of the order of about 50 days). Unfortunately the side effect of this syndrome is generating acne among others.

it wasn't me

who’s responsible?

Conventional Medicine has its cost

Medicine is squeezing all it can out of the dollar.

So I knew my acne was related to this problem, and I also knew that if I went to see a doctor, he would stick the pill or hormone therapy to counter this syndrome, and remove my acne. But I did not … since my first pregnancy, I can not stand the hormones, they cause me big headaches, and then they are very bad for the body in general. So i wanted to cure acne naturally.

Taking responsibility for my own health

So I looked for a natural way to restore my hormonal balance. I searched long and far… then one day I discovered the blog “pure beauty” of  Emmanuelle Haudegond! And this discovery changed my life.

Emmanuelle is a skin specialist and offers on his website how to cure acne naturally and only in 7 steps !! I said to myself, why not to try his method, even though I know that my problem is hormonal, but I might get at least an improvement.

Are You Ready

take responsibility for your health

Emmanuelle Haudegond Method

This method consists of external skin care , but also nutrition counseling that may have an impact on the state of the skin. For a long time, and like most people, I thought there was no connection between diet and acne. And besides, I challenge you to meet one dermatologist who will tell you otherwise.

And yet … If you knew … This is the KEY to everything !!

Everything we eat has an impact on the state of our body and our skin. The skin is a emunctory, it means that the overflow of toxins we accumulate in our body is removed in part through the skin. Therefore, when the body goes wrong, the skin goes wrong.

Beautiful skin inside out

Beautiful skin inside out

What causes acne in our diet?

It is intolerance or food allergies. There are 3 main sources of food intolerance that can lead to acne:

  1. Sugar
  2. Milk
  3. Gluten
SUGAR milk gluten ACNE

food intolerance

Eradicating the first suspect Sugar

During my research on my naturopathic ovarian syndrome, I discovered that it was actually related to an often too high insulin levels for people who carry this disease , thus i concluded that sugar could cause acne. So I decided to remove the sugar from my diet. I had a slight improvement, but nothing special, acne was still there.

I substituted sugar with diet soda at the beginning, but i learned that diet soda can lead to obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Then i went for these 5 awesome alternatives.

Removing milk was the next step 

Then I removed the milk and dairy products: cow milk once ingested by the body, it will produce serotonin, which in turn will lead to the production of androgen hormones, the famous hormones responsible for acne. So cow’s milk is not good for skin problems. Again, nothing obvious!

I discovered that I am gluten intolerant

Then in early September 2012, I finally decided with a heavy heart to remove gluten. Gluten is a mixture of proteins in wheat and its derivatives. I say “with a heavy heart” because I love pasta, pizzas and pastries of all kinds. And delete them all of my diet seemed beyond my forces. Yet !! OH MY GOD !! If I had known, I would have started with that !!

No further outbreaks

2 days after stopping gluten, no more stomach aches! Before, I had all the time large bowel pain, it was horrible! 15 days after stopping gluten, I had more acne !!! I still had pimples that had appeared before, but I had no further outbreaks. Buttons already eventually subside for themselves and disappear !! Now, we can say that my skin is clear, apart from a few scars left and right I’m trying to erase.

It payed off  - Finally Cured

You can not imagine the happiness to have a clear and smoothface without buttons … I can finally wear make-up, because I no longer need an extreme coverage to hide those awful buttons. No need to use harsh chemicals and cleaners to dry buttons !! It’s just amazing … So, by the way, I also have a hourglass figure!! lol … Well, on this side, I’ve never had any particular problems, apart from the constant bloating due to my gluten intolerance … But that was before !!

And my hormonal imbalance in all this ??

bah, it’s still there … but ultimately, it was not its fault !!


i’m innocent

A picture is worth a thousand words, here’s a before / after pictures:

acne face


acne before


acne after


maquillage avril beaute


Admit that the result is obvious !! It’s crazy … If you suffer from acne, I warmly invite you to change your diet.

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