Oil massage: a Constant Health and Beauty Companion

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Featuring voluptuous anointing, oil is a health and beauty mate. In the city or on the beach, the oil not only makes the skin even more beautiful, but also the hair and silhouette.

This is probably the oldest cosmetic product ever existed and is still used in many civilizations. In the south, the beauty oil symbolizes not only the sea but also heat, naked body and the art of massage. Evoking spirituality and sensuality, it is used in various rituals of care to maintain and pamper the body. From childhood Tahitian coat their hair and their skin. For the Indians, sesame oil is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine. As for the Africans, baby massage is done for a long time with palm oil. Finally, argan oil from Morocco is known around the world. And for hundreds of years, oil evokes the art of eating well. In fact, natural vitamins and fatty acids with beneficial effects are conducive to health but also to the skin.

To this day, declining in a new dry texture and more vegetable formulas, oils have nothing “heavy”. They help smooth the skin without causing a greasy film. They dry quickly and do not stick. They even show up in different types of care, some sunbathing, others to beautify or protect the hair or skin. There are also ranges to refine the silhouette.

Oil Massage

It is not easy for everyone to massage. Yet this ritual, which offers a sense of well-being and consistency, is an excellent way to harmonize with your body. Oil encourages soft and gentle movements. Just apply it on your warm skin, slightly damp after a bath. By conducting extensive strokes using the palm of the hand, go up from the heels to the thighs, then from the belly to the shoulders. Also take advantage of your nails. Make a massage after a moment in the sun, to soothe agitation and promote tanning.

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