5 Awesome Alternatives To Diet Soda

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Studies shows that 1/3 of high school students in the U.S drink two or more diet soda or sport drinks per day, and if you are worry about the bad effects of those drinks like obesity, diabetes and heart disease, don’t worry, you can find  a lot of healthy alternatives and put an end to your diet soda addiction.

1- Water :

The healthiest drink ever and if plain water doesn’t make you existed you can always try Flavored water by Adding some fruit and veggie slices to some ice-cold water.

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2- Green Tea :

Studies have shown that Green Tea can be a very effective Anti-Cancer, but don’t go for the sweetened iced teas instead make your own green tea. You can add some honey for the sweetness.

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3- Vegetable Juice :

Contain much less sugar than regular fruit juices, and its simple and easy to make : add some veggies to the juicer (a few slices of fruit for the sweetness ) with some pepper and few drops of hot sauce.

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4- Milk :

One of the most natural and healthy alternative to diet soda, but if you are a regular soda drinker you are certainly skipping milk which can be very dangerous for you health (deficiencies in calcium, magnesium and vitamin A).

5- Tonic and Lime :

Alternative to Diet Soda

Tonic and Lime

You don’t need alcohol to enjoy tonic, you only have to add some slices of lemon and some mint to make it a refreshing and delicious beverage.

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  • Evelyne Tilsner

    We do not drink enough during the day. So it is important to stay with water oder herbal tea without sugar. Use stevia instead if you wish to have it sweeter. Thanks for the article!!!

    • Youssef Khoulani Idri

      You are absolutely Evelyne!
      Thanks for the tip, we appreciate that!

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