Home Remedies For Sore Nipples

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Sore nipples is a common problem for new breastfeeding mothers. Most women think that it is normal and it is a part of nursing, which is wrong. If you have  sore nipples don’t worry anymore, here are some of the best home remedies to heal them:

1- Your own breast milk:

Because of its antibacterial and healing properties milk breast can be very effective to treat sore nipples, all you need to do is apply some drops to the nipple before and after the breastfeeding.

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2- Olive Oil:

 Apply a little bit of warm olive oil to the affected nipples to reduce the discomfort. Repeat this serval times in the day, but make sure to wash your nipples before breastfeeding.

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3- Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera

Aloe vera

First you need to extract the gel from the aloe vera leaf and apply it on the affected nipple. After that clean the area with warm water and dry it with a soft towel.

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4- Basil Leaves:

Basil Leaves

Basil Leaves

Basil are very famous for speeding up the healings process for a lot of skin problems, including sore nipples. All you need to do is grind a handful of basil leaves into a paste and apply it to the sore nipple. Don’t forget to wash the nipple before breastfeeding.

5- Ice:

A very simple and easy remedy but only temporary. The cold temperature will numb the tender area and will relief you from the pain caused by the sore nipples.

6-  Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is very important to have healthy breasts, so you must eat a lot of C-rich foods that will help you heal your skin tissues and also prevent any infection.

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