6 Tips to Stay Slim and Fit after 40

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Staying slim and fit after 40 years is not an insurmountable challenge.

Past forty, stay slim and fit is not so obvious but do not fall within the impossible. If you are celebrating your 40th birthday this year or in recent years, you’ve probably already realized that your metabolism is not what it was. Before, with a boosted metabolism, it was easier to stay slim and fit. Now, it is necessary to take under concideration  the new requirements of your body in its forties (or fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties …).

Although the situation of aging metabolism is not as bleak as you might assume, you need to be more vigilant to maintain your weight and stay slim and fit in as one ages. Seniors lose muscle with age, but the physical exercises can help in the fight against this loss. If metabolism is not high enough and if caloric intake exceeds daily expenses, weight gain can begin to install. To stay slim and fit after 40, it is then necessary to rebalance and purify your diet then consider an exercise program suited to your age.

Here are 6 simple strategies to stay slim and fit after 40:

1- Adopt the right attitude toward food :

There is no magic that  diet can quickly slim down an overweight person over 40 years unless we change the whole attitude toward food consumed, and it is not impossible. Whole food eaten in the right portions , fresh air and a little exercise help to stay slim, fit, and increase energy levels of a forty years old.

Feeling that you have more energy will in turn create the desire to do more, and this will make you want to slim down even more. Therefore naturally thin people are what they are. They have simply realized that taking good habits are as easy to take as the bad.  A good attitude can greatly help to stay slim and fit after 40.

2- Do not skip meals :

After 40, it is important to think about taking all the main meals of the day and more healthy snacks to stay slim. Every time you eat something, your metabolism hums to digest the food consumed and converte it into usable energy. Eating more meals (while reducing the amount of calories consumed at each meal, to distribute evenly over all day) means more increase in metabolism, which will burn calories faster.

3- Do not eat fast :

To stay slim and fit after 40, think about eating slowly and focus on what you eat during meals, to learn to appreciate the subtle flavors of your food and not rely only on a feeling of satiety in order to be satisfied.

4- Exercise regularly :

The style of modern Western life is too sedentary, making it even harder to stay slim and fit after 40. Cars, elevators, work at the computer, meetings, etc. reinforce sedentary lifestyle. If you are sedentary, you need to counter the negative effects  that your sedentary lifestyle could produce on your body.

5- Do not undergo stress :

Stress is a side effect almost unavoidable of  a filled and challenging life. Besides being bad for our health, stress can trigger the release of the hormone cortisol, which in turn can increase hunger.

Do not eat out of stress by finding activities that calm you down before you feel the urge to overeat (drink tea, read a good book for half an hour, take a bath, etc.). Not undergoing stress helps more than you might suspect to stay slim and fit after 40.

6- Eat less salt :

After the age of 40, hormonal changes in women already increase water retention, so avoid making it worse. A soup without salt, peanuts without salt, yogurt, a piece of fruit, etc. calm hunger  and help you stay lean and fit.

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