Eye-opening Facts about Cannabis

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The political, legal and social hysteria that have been attached to cannabis programmed most of us to believe that it’s no good. Cannabis is illegal and most linked to crime. It’s not the cannabis but it’s the prohibition that fuels crime, by keeping it illegal and confined to the black market. The same criminal violence that stemmed from alcohol prohibition once. There is no plant on earth more condemned than cannabis. It is designated as an illegal substance. Despite the fact that there is no existing evidence of anyone ever dying of a marijuana overdose.

Cannabis Myths Debunked

In spite of the myths we’ve learnd during our lives about the fact that cannabis kills brain cells, it turns out that a growing number of studies seem to point out that cannabis indeed has neuroprotective properties. Cannabis has a stunning ability to regulate emotional behavior and may be the most reliable medicinal plant available as a therapeutic target for the treatment of anxiety and depressive disordersthe health benefits of Cannabis are unfathomable.

But what about the adverse effects of Cannabis?

All psychological evaluations from the use of cannabis are chiefly build on assumptions, observations and suggestions. When we investigate the existing science behind Cannabis, it seems that negative effects are difficult to back.

We are getting there

Cannabis has been making a lot of noise lately. Numerous states across the United States and countries around the world have legalized medical cannabis with success, and the Uruguay parliament lately chosen to create the world’s first legal cannabis market, This is good news. Eventhough It’s still not easy to overcome the negative label that was given to cannabis over the last decades which makes it hard for some to go for this solution.

World Weed

Can cannabis also cure cancer?

It is no secret that our world is seeing a massive increase in bad health and cancer cases. It will not be surprising when we investigate what we eat regularly, the condition of our environment and the types of body care products we use everyday that consist of a ton of cancer causing agents. And the list of Carcinogens are on the rise,8 New Substances just Added to List.

All human beings are born with a type of Cannabis already in our bodies, and when consumed, the Endocannabinoids within us, together with any Cannabinoids we consume, fit together like a key in a lock, unlocking unique processes. by that boosting the death of cancer cells without damaging healthy cells utilizing Programmed Cell Death but not limited to Programmed Cell Death. A Strong and eye-opening truths about the future of cannabis, and maybe even the future of medicine. Molecular Biologist Explains How THC Completely Kills Cancer Cells.

Methods of Medical Cannabis Consumption

Raw Cannabis Juice

Raw Cannabis Juice

Most of the people don’t know the fact that cannabis can be used in different ways, appart from smoking it. You can simply eat it like any other edible plant. Eating cannabis can be an excellent alternative to smoking, peculiarly for sick people who prefer to use the herbal medicine but don’t want to inject smoke. so consider these three beginner mistakes to avoid when eating cannabis.

You can reap many health benefits from juicing raw cannabis (known as the green elixir of life). Cannabis oil is another way to make the most of the plant. It is already used as an altrnative to chemotherapy. Numerous, once hopeless patients have used Cannabis oil in their relantless battle again cancer and they won.

Success stories:

  1. 9 Year old girl who used cannabis oil to cure her cancer.
  2. 8 Month old infant was cured of cancer using cannabis oil, dissolving large inoperable tumor in only 8 months.
  3. latest cancer patient who was cured with the help of cannabis oil.
marijuana infused cooking oil

cannabis oil

Cannabis has many other uses

Cannabis can be used to store energy. It’s likely that substances are labelled as a “drug” in order to shield corporate interests. One example is the automobile and energy industry, a car made from hemp is stronger than steel, and can be fuelled from hemp alone. Henry Ford demonstrated this years ago. If you have ever wondered why cannabis has been cultivated for hundred of years, it is because it has so many uses, beyond the well-known fabrics and paper. Here are 12 uses of cannabis that may surprise you.


Many other uses of Cannabis

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